What size are removal cartons and what to pack in them

Regardless if you are only moving a couple of items or a whole household of furniture we have all the options covered

I would like to thank your staff and drivers for making this the easiest move I have ever had.

Choosing Removalists Boxes and Cartons

carton teachest boxes

Standard Removalist Carton

40.6cm x 43.1cm x 59.6cm

Ideal for clothes toys and lighter goods. Fill to the top and leave no space if in doubt fill with crushed paper or linen to complete box

Picture Box

Picture Cartons

104cm x 77.5cm x 7.5cm

Ideal for larger pictures and mirrors, glass etc


Book / Wine Carton

40.6cm x 29.8cm x 43cm

Book Carton, Perfect for packing heavy items such as Books / Records/ Magazines. Very popular box when moving home or office