How To Get The Best Removalist Quotes

Regardless if you are only moving a couple of items or a whole household of furniture we have all the options covered

Easy to follow removal quote, adjustments all online, too easy

How To Get The Best Removalist Quotes

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When planning your furniture removal interstate, the first thing to do is get a quote, so you know what your costs are going to be.

Complete our online quote form here ONLINE QUOTE

This form allows for several options, from entering a list of items to just entering a cubic meterage if you know it, or copy and paste an index into the page.

If you have a document of your own that you wish to send us,  please email it to us at, remembering to say where you are moving to and from.

Please remember we are happy to quote as many times as you like to ensure that you get the best price for the correct inventory.

Quite often, customers do a quote and then as they approach moving day, they do a new quote or update the original, so everyone knows what is happening.


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Ok, you have your quote; now you need to ensure we have answered all your questions. Some of the most popular and often asked ones are listed here.

REMOVALIST QUESTIONS. However, we realised that most customers have individual queries and concerns, so please reply to your quote with any specific questions you may have. We will respond within a couple of hours usually.

Remember, the only stupid question is the one that you didn't ask.

We accept that we are things that we are expected to know; however, as every move is different, we need as much information as possible to ensure everything runs smoothly.


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Quotes have been received, and questions are all answered. Now is time to book your removal. You can either do this online BOOK REMOVALIST, or you can reply to your quote with the following information, and we can book the move for you.
The date you wish furniture to be collected.


At Uplift of Furniture

Name of person
All available contact numbers

For delivery ( If known)

Name of person
All available contact numbers

If you are unsure of the exact address at delivery, that's fine, enter a suburb and enter TBA for the actual addresses. As long as we have a delivery address by the truck comes to pick up, that will be fine.

Also, note that the numbers given above will be the numbers the removalist calls on to arrange times, so ensure that you give us the best person to speak to details. This person needs to be responsible for dealing with the removalist on your behalf if the nominated person is not the furniture owner.

Being prepared for the removalist will make a move run smoothly and result in a lot less stress.


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The move is all booked. Have you considered insurance for your move? We can only provide cover in the event of fire, flood, collision and overturning.

We have a few suggestions for you: or simply Google moving insurance.

It's essential to have this in place before the removalist loads your furniture onto the truck, and we do recommend this as probably the most crucial part of your move.

You may want to look at car transport also if you have more than one vehicle, this is often a popular option.


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As a rule, our removalists will call you the afternoon before moving day and arrange a pick-up time with you.

These are generally large interstate trucks travelling all over the country, so it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact time, but they will typically give you a 2-hour window.

Please try to ensure that there is ample parking outside your house.

Start early and dismantle all beds, shelving and fixtures before the furniture removalists arrive.

Ensure that all the nuts and bolts that you have taken out are kept somewhere secure for when you arrive at your new house.

These are only some basic instructions and are not intended to cover every eventuality, but they happen on about 90% of moves.


If you feel that we can help with your furniture removal interstate, please start the ball rolling by grabbing an obligation free quote now, or if you want to have a chat, You can always contact us to help.