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Why would you choose to live in Perth

Relocating to Perth



Deciding to move to Perth from any location is bound to be an exciting yet anxious experience.

Doing your research before you leave home can make your move much easier and more enjoyable. Some things to consider when deciding to move to Perth include:


How to get to Perth:

Moving to Perth from anywhere in Australia is a bit different to moving from somewhere such as Melbourne to Adelaide due to Perth’s Location.

If you decide to follow your removalist truck to Perth in your own car be prepared for a very long drive, the approximate time it will take to drive from Melbourne to Perth is 35 hours, longer from cities such as Sydney or Brisbane.

Often this route is done via a container and the National Rail network, which means it would be impossible to follow your belongings 🙂

One option to avoid the drive is to fly to Perth instead and meet your removalists there, if you have a car you can take advantage of our car carrier service or you could sell it and purchase a new car in Perth.

Getting around Perth:

Like all of Australia’s capital cities the great city of Perth has a very good public transport system.

If you are choosing to live in the metropolitan area you may like to avoid the expense of purchasing or maintaining a car and to rely on public transport instead.

If you are going to live out of the metropolitan area in a more rural region you may find that having a car of your own is essential to getting around. Be sure to investigate the suburb you are considering moving to, and its transport options before deciding whether or not you require a car.

Sightseeing in Perth:

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, when you look at Western Australia on a map you can easily see that it is the largest state of all of Australia’s states and territories.

Being the largest state also means that it has the most options for sightseeing and adventures! You could spend a year traveling around Western Australia and still not see it all.

Plan time for your new life in Perth to get out and explore the huge and exciting state that is Western Australia, and try to see at least half of it in your life time!